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2021/2022 LEAGUE

The schedule and standings will always be updated after each round at Teamsideline DV Futsal Schedule website.

Please refer to the League Rules for rescheduling and for general rules used by the league.

There will be NO WARM UP TIME, the teams should enter the courts ready to play and a volunteer from each team ready to help refs with the score board and game card - Thanks

NO NEW PLAYER WILL BE ADDED AT GAME TIME - Player needs to be registered by Thursday evening to play on the weekend. If you want to add a player, you need to download the Player Release Form, fill this form, a parent (guardian) of the player needs to sign it and send, via email to the league BY THURSDAY EVENINNG - Email ricardo@diablovalleyfutsal.com / diablovalleyfutsal@gmail.com.

All open gym slots are listed at the Teamsideline DV Futsal Courts website - each location has its own calendar that can be viewed in order to see available slots - the slots will be filled out on a first-come first-served basis

All rescheduled games must be played AT LEAST 48 hrs prior to any playoff round or any round based on standings.

The league offers an MVP award

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